The Daily Citizen

May 25, 1892

Transcribed by : Tina Easley


Three Families, Twelve Persons,

Drowned in the Flood,

Loss of Life Near Memphis, Tenn.

The Governor of Iowa Will

Ask for Aid.


MEMPHIS, Tenn., May 25.--- Pemiscott county has been almost, depopulated.

Three-fourths of the county is now under water and assitance is urgently

needed at several points in the county between Reelfoot Lake and

Paragould on the: Arkansas side.

There were three; families drowned there last Friday. : Their names are:

Wash. Hall, wife ;, and three children; Joseph Mallory,wife and two

children; Samuel Moore (colored), wife  and daughter. Hall's wife was caught

on a tree and was rescued by a hunter. She lived only an hour.

The Arkansas bottoms are all under water and the number of lives lost and

property destroyed cannot be estimated, because no boats have gone into the

flooded districts and nothing definite has been learned from there.


Tina Easley
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