Researched by : Tina Easley

Typed version below clipping by : Becky Roberts

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The Indian tribes that were hovering along our north-eastern frontiers a few months since, have nearly parties of Indians have visited any of our trading posts or frontier settlements east of the Colorado since the last council was held. It was rumored on the frontier that a large number of warriors of the Ionies, Caddoes, Cherokees, Keachies, Camanches, Towaccanies and Seminoles, have volunteered to carry on a war against Mexico.

            The Indians that have for the last two or three months been devastating the country around Durango, San Luis Potosi, and Parras, probably belong to these tribes; and if they should return laden with spoils, there is reason to fear that the war fever will be communicated to the great tribes of Cherokees, Choctaws, Seminoles, etc., of Arkansas.

            The young warriors of these tribes would, doubtless, delight to display their prowess in the new field of glory that has been opened in Mexico; and if they should ever combine under such a leader as Cotemseh, of the Comanches, or the Wild Cat of the Seminoles, they might overrun the northern provinces of Mexico, as easily as the bands of Attila overrun the southern provinces of Europe.