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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo., July 18 – Several dozen of Arkansas people are in or about Colorado Springs, the point of entrance to Manitou Pike’s Peak and the Garden of the Gods.

Campers at Prospect Lake include Alva Wilson of Texarkana. Registered at the Alamo hotel are: Mr. and Mrs. A.J. Bates of Bentonville; Beatrix and Doris Quaile of Fort Smith; Mr. and Mrs. Louis Werner of Clarksville; Mr. and Mrs. T.C. Vaughan and daughter, Jane, of El Dorado.

            Spending  the summer at Columbine hotel in Green Mountain Falls are: Mr. and Mrs. A.L. Barber and daughters, Rebecca and Martha, of Little Rock, and Miss A. Harlan of Conway.

            Arrivals at the Alta Vista hotel include: Emily Futrall of Fayetteville; Mrs. Carl Ownbey and family of Springdale; Mr. and Mrs. C.A. Pape and Robert Pape of Van Buren; Bert Morris and Beriba Wagley of Harrison; Mrs. W.A. Koser of Marion; Kate and Marceline Campbell of Fayetteville.

            Registered at the Albany hotel are: Mr. and Mrs. Floyd M. Carter of DeQueen; Mrs. W.S. Wood of Tillar; Mrs. T.E. Hammock of Monticello; Mrs. B.C. Prewitt of Tillar.

            Spending several weeks or perhaps the season at the Acacia are: Griffin Smith and family of Little Rock; John V. McShane and John K. Moore of Fort Smith; Mrs. Frank Hill and Proctor of El Dorado; Dr. E.P. Terrell of Little Rock; Mr. and Mrs. J.H. Hunter, Miss L. Little, Miss Robertelle Hamiter, of Little Rock.

            Arthur Phillips and James Kempierx of Little Rock are guests at the Broadmoor hotel.

            Camping at Cottage City are: Raymond T. Pryor and family of Fort Smith; Mr. and Mrs. S.M. Malloy of Fayetteville; Mr. and Mrs. Carter Young and daughter of Clarksville; Mrs. T.W. Williams, Jarrine and Leone Williams of Fort Smith; L.E. Watkins of Little Rock and Dr. Hugh Johnson of Fort Smith. Arthur Bolt of Little Rock is camping for several days at the Stonewall Park, near Manitou.

            The following are at the Manitou House: Miss Genevieve O’Leary of Hot Springs; Charles E. Gately of Honolulu; Mrs. Eva H. O’Neal of Hot Springs. Other visiting motorists in the region include: J.G. Crowley of Paragould; Mrs. Fred Cox of Pine Bluff; John D. Vergas of Texarkana; Frank M. Ward of Fort Smith; R.E. Trippe of Arkansas City.

JULY 20, 1923