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By: Parke-Harper News Service

            LITTLE ROCK,  June 4 – A conference of the Arkansas Illiteracy Commission was held yesterday in the office of State Superintendent J.L. Bond. James J. Harrison, who has become director of the Forward Educational Movement of the Arkansas Educational Association, was elected as field worker for the commission. Plans are being worked out where it is hoped to be able to provide systematic school training for the adult illiterates of the date. The identify of all persons over 10 years of age who unable to read and write has been secured from the Census Department and the various county superintendents will be appraised of those residing in the several counties. Those attending the conference were J.W. Ramsey of Paragould, State Supt. J.L. Bond, W.A. Ramsey of Fayetteville, Ury McKenzie of Hot Springs, Mrs. W.P. McDermott of Little Rock, D.T. Henderson of Lake Village and Sam Criswell of Cabot. Claud S. Fitzpatrick of Helena was recommended to succeed Mrs. R.F. Milwee of Brinkley and Mrs. E.C. Thompson of Little Rock to succeed George W. Reid of Fort Smith.

JUNE 4, 1921