1891 Events Newspaper

Transcribed by : Tina Easley


Bethel Events


The weather the past week has been somewhat warm.

Cotton picking has commenced.

Quite a number of our farmers have gathered large quantities of fodder.

Uncle Bird Bolili has recovered from the injuries received in the accident he met with some time ago, in a runaway,so as to be about.

Mrs. W. D. Yopp has been quite sick the past week; she is somewhat better at this writing.

Monroe Willey has purchased the J.H. Woods place , near Woods-Chapel. Monroe is a good farmer.

"Squire" Isom, of Finch, has rented the Mart Baldwin place on greathouse creek.

John Branch,Sr. is clearing twenty acres on Village Creek. John is a first-class farmer.

Ed Woods has purchased Uncle Webb's old store house and going to open up soon a store. Success, Ed.

Our old reliable grocer, Uncle Andy Webb, is preparing to build a new store house. Uncle Andy is doing a good business in bolts, staves and x-ties.

Joe Woods, one of our stirring farmers, has the honor of driving one of the finest matched teams in the country.

Jim Bolin has purchased quite a large number of young cattle and hogs the past week. Jim is going into the stock business.

William Jones is building on his place in the East bottom, and clearing a large tract of land.

Prof. Findland Wood has returned from Missouri, where he has been teaching penmanship. The Professor is surely an accomplished penman and hard to beat at his profession.

Uncle Andy Webb and lady have gone to Tennessee on an extended visit.

Miss Delta Virgen and Miss Leola Clark, of the East Bottom, have been visiting at Aunt Nancy Adams the past week.

Will Corrigan, who met with the sad accident a short time ago of losing his limbs, is progressing finely, so he informs his parents by mail. One of his limbs is about healed. He hopes to come home soon.