The Big Picture

in Paragould

Thursday , July 17, 1958

Souvenir Edition

Clay, Greene , Dunklin

This copy of The Big Picture was found in the upstairs of the old C & M Jewelry Store and donated to the site by Mr. & Mrs. Larry Breckenridge of ( Larry's Auto Sales, Paragould ).

Thank You!

I will transcribe the whole paper since it holds so much information that could help others.

Transcribed by : Tina Easley


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The Big Picture

published by

The Wayzgoose Press

Paragould , Ar.

N. Second Street

Myrl R. Mueller , Managing Editor

Ruth Woodside , Assistant Editor

Published every Thursday morning .


A Backward Glance

It is generally conceded by all scholars that today the human race is required to endure more physical and mental stress than at any other time in past history.We have just entered a new age -- the "Atomic Age" which has already subjected man to great speeds and completely new mental requirements and is even now suggesting heretofore unheard of physical and mental tasks beyond our greatest imagination .

Paragould has actually existed only 75 years . Just the present day ordinary life span of an average human being -compared to most cities , Paragoud is young very young yet our city has already experienced greater changes in that short time than older cities have experienced in the previous 300 years.

So it is fitting and highly necessary even though we are only 75 years old, that we pause and look over these years , not through sentment , but to strenghen our faith in the future and give our children a picture of the past as a basis upon which to build a greater Paragould. A great historian once said when asked why history should be taught in our schools. "History teaches us why we are doing what we are doing".

It is the purpose of this Jubilee edition of the Big Picture to bring you enough of Paragould and Greene County's past history to refresh your memory as to why and when Paragould began , the individuals who created that beginning and planned through the years , the courses that have lead to our present day churches , schools , commerce and industries.

Today , looking back through the years , comparing the past with the present by pictures and words which we have reproduced for you looking into the lives of those individuals who have lived and died during these 75 years realizing that our present position as told by our many recent pictures will mold our future as our past has built us today , let us appreciate our past failures and make hast to correct for the future generation those individuals hatreds , short sighted projects and selfish plannings that may have retarted our city's progress in the past. Let us realize that we do today will explain to our future generation why they are doing the things they will be doing remembering that if our living today has no purpose , generations to from now Paragould will have no heritage upon which to build a new future.

We give in this edition the Big Picture of the Past the Big Picture of the present and ask you to make the Big Picture of the future.

Posing in Mid-Victorian splendor and comfort are these members of the B & PW Club "Busy Belles " chapter of the Jubilee Belles, Reading left are : Miss Lely Wright , Mrs. Winfred Campbell , president : Mrs. Bess Brittingham , sitting Mrs. Don Walters and Mrs. Gerladine Dover.

Store Will Close Next Thursday

Paragould stores will be closed next Thursday afternoon announced Donald Cox , manager of the Chamber of Commerce , after a meeting of the Retail Merchants Commitee . The holiday will be observed so those working downtown may have an opportunity to enjoy Jubilee festivities.

Judge Ward To Be In Runoff Says Loyal Supporters

Greene County's gubernational candidate , Chancellor Lee Ward , continued to boom away this past week at the incumbent Governor Orval Fabus touching on the highly inflammable racial issue in most cases. Judge Ward made a major address Tuesday night at Malvern , after stoping at Carlisle , Lonoke , Sheridan, Benton and Bismark earlier in the day . Last night he appeared on Television , channel 13 from Memphis , and is scheduled to deliver another important speech at Blytheville in the Courtyard at 8. p.m. Friday night .

Judge Ward appealed to the Arkansas voters this week to reject "the Bullet and Bayonet" approach to the intergration problem that he indicated Governor Faubus stands for. He asked that a solution along the lines of law and order be adopted , instead , to solve the touchy integration problem . The Paragould candidate insisted that this was the basic issue in the campaign this summer , and he has placed in the background the earlier topics of alleged waste and tax misuse by the present administration .

Citizens Groups Appear Before City Council

By Ruth Woodside , Big Picture Staff

The unusual Tuesday night session of City Council was marked with much indecision among the four members who were present. Two delegation of citizens presented seperate complaints for the group to solve . A Brown's Chapel delegation requested the closing of the present dump which is located in their community . They cited the problems created by the dump including the health menace and unsightly appearance . The Council deferred immediate action.

A committee of Third Avenue residents asked for relief from the dusty conditions on their street due to heavy traffic , from Emerson and Ely-Walker factories.Mayor Wood suggested that all residents on that street be requested to install concrete culverts and then the ditches along the street could be cleaned for proper drainage followed by a seal coat on the street.

Parking Meter Problem

Bob Branch , speaking as a private citizen , registered a complaint on the practice of "paper sacking parking meters to allow workmen to complete a job, on a downtown store. The Council agreed that the privilege was being abused and Cheif Bunch was instructed to enforce the parking meter ordinance henceforth.

Also in the Street Department the Council voted to place a stop sign on Emerson Street at Third Street.

Cheif Bunch suggested a speed limit sign on North Rector Road, but no action was taken.

Other Action

The Council agreed to place a street light at the Corner of W. Hunt Street and 8th Street.

The chauffer's license application of Paul boyd was accepted.

Payment was approved for two firemen's services on the Hyde junkyard fire several months ago. These firemen were alerted by Fire cheif Stuart.

Following the request of Cheif Bunch , the Council agreed to the recapping of the Pontiac police tires.

Chancery Court

Cases Filed Norman C. Quinn vs Noama Quinn in divorce

Circuit Court

Cases filed

Adrian Cannon and Charles Arnold vs Roland Payne in damages cases

Air Tempature Inc. vs Herbert Lundy in debt case

Ray Howe and Jackie Howe vs Donald Pickels in damages case.

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National Farm Loan Ass'n.

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In re estate of Joe C. Barron , Jorene Applegate appointed administratix.

Municipal Court Docket

July 11

Billie Earl Gray forfieted a cash bond of $25.00 for following to close

Thomas Rickey , fishing without license $27.60

July 12

Ethel Janes , improper license $42. 35

Arlie Joe Pope , forfeited in cash bond $26, 60

Delma McDonald , no driver license , $10.00

Marion Crow , no driver license , $21.60

July 14

Raymond Reeves forfeited a cash bond of $11.35 for speeding

Carl B. Shelby , forfeited a cash bond of $ 12.35 for public intoxication

Henry Jones , disturbing the peace $36. 35

July 15 & 16

Ramond Hopkins forfeited a cash bond of $2.00 for blocking alley

Jim Porter forfeited a cash bond of $14.35 for public intoxication

Orville H. Price Jr. forfeited a cash bond of $160.00 for driving while intoxicated

Joe Ezell driving vehicle without consent of owner $31.60

Jessie Cox driving while intoxicated $200.00


Busy Belles Enjoy Ice Cream Social

The B& P.W. Busy Belles met Tuesday night with Mrs. W. H. Allen for an old fashioned ice cream and cake social . Those attending : Miss Faustenia Barksdale , Mrs. Mary Turner , T.N. Benett, Genia Rhodes , Osha White , Barris Blackwood , Bess Brittingham , Nona Dixon , Garland Smith , Fred Johnson , Gerldine Dover, Miss Jean Massengil and Miss Jeanette Yates.


Daily Record

Warrant Deed from Lura Maud Pillow to Felix M. Tate & wife of Baldwin and Collier Addition

Warranty Deed from Nellie Goodwin and others to Mary M. Stott of Pruett Sec.

Warranty Deed form Mazell Boren single to Lydia Huffstotler of Sheffields to Marmaduke Ark.

Warranty Deed from Hayden Carter and wife to Victor N. Jordan

Warranty Deed from Ewing Friedman and wife to G.C. Atchinson and wife of Sunset Hills

Warranty Deed from J.D. Gerath and wife to Sam Carter of Bramletts add to Paragould

Warranty Deed from Warren Blalock and wife to R.H. Stark and wife of Pruett's Third Add.

Warranty Deed from J.H. Clifton and wife D.L. Clifton

Warranty Deed from William Ralph Ludwig and wife to Jennie Mae Ludwig

Redemption Deed from State of Arkansas to Dr. C.O. Jayne and wife


Marriage Licenses

Elvin Ray Rhama and Miss Barbara Jackson both of Paragould , July 11

C.R. Ford and Mrs. Carrie Copeland both of Paragould July 11

William Hafford and Miss Sharon Ray both of Paragould July 11

Wilbourn Ray Greenway and Linda Louise Turner both of Rector July 11

Eddie W. McDaniel of Great Bend , Kansas and Mrs. Winnie Taylor of Paragould July 12


Community Names in Greene County

The most historic spot in Greene County , aside from the area on Crowley's Ridge , now a part of the State Park , is the site of the village of GAINESVILLE , established in 1846 with a population of nearly 400 persons , several stores and a newspaper .When the county seat was moved to Paragould in 1884 most of the residents gradually moved their offices and homes to Paragould .

Named from general Marmaduke of Civil War fame , the town of MARMADUKE was established in 1882 , a railroad town . The town has prospered and now has its own sewer and water system and a number of churches . It has approximately a 1,000 population .

Delaplaine -- is an incorparated town near the Clay County line, and was long a settlement , first Indians and later as the railroad stop. It has a large consolidated school , numerous stores and about 500 inhabitants .

Lafe as a community was established in 1886 and was settled by German Lutherans, that have built a modern and beautiful Luthern Church.