Boyd E. Morgan

Author of

Arkansas Angels

Paragould, Arkansas: College Bookstore & Press, 1967.


Boyd E. Morgan (1917-1980) was a northern Arkansas and on occasion southern Missouri preacher.

This book is about the preachers and churches in that region; in later life he was connected with Crowley Ridge College mostly in PR and fund raising--after 1964 as Vice President of Development. He preached his first sermon at Walnut Ridge, Arkansas at the age 14 .

Contents: John M.Lemmons, Alexander Douglas, John M. Higgins, E.N.George, W.A.Goodwin, D.D. Rose, Hince Hulett, J.H.Curry, William G.Cypert, William Hopper, John L. Fry, J.S. Starling, F.M. Strickland, Daniel Futrell, J.H.Lawson, R.W.Arrington, W.F.Lemmons, I.M.Ussery, W.H.George, J.M.Hunt, B.M.Lemmons, Bynum Black, W.S.Deatherage, W.H.Riley, Frank Baker, Joe M.Puckett, Frank Eldridge, John Henry Hamilton, S.C. Garner, Joe H. Blue, A.B. Shaver, J. Will Henley, R. A. Robins, Andy T. Ritchie, A.M. Lemmons, Shirley Brothers, O.L. Hays, Joe A. Taylor, Lacy L. Holt, M.S. Mason, L. M. Goings, R. E. Griffith, J.H. Whisnant, C. L. Wilkerson, John Newberry, Jesse T. Lashlee, J.B. Lashlee, George R. Baughn, Thomas Benjamin Clark, M.C. Higginbottom, Harry Starling, Homer Starling, Unusual Happenings, In Memory of John L. Fry, Pictures of other Arkansas Angels, Addendum.. Second Printing. Illus. by Various Photographers.

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