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John Albert (Jack) Bradsher
April 5, 1856 - November 8, 1921
Photograph: Around 1876

Son of: Thomas Jefferson and Sarah Wisdom Bradsher

1910 John Albert (Jack) Bradsher and Lusindia Ross Bradsher family photograph.

Left to right, front row:
Verna Lucinda Bradsher Bullard, this was my Mother. She loved her family and this is her collection of photographs.
John Albert (Jack) Bradsher
Lusindia Ross Bradsher
Della Bradsher Williams
Left to right, back row:
William Claude Bradsher
Isreal Calvin Bradsher
Jess L. Bradsher
Amos P. Bradsher

Photographer: Jim C. Rasberry
December 15, 1878 - June 15, 1948
69 years
Studio and Art Gallery
Marmaduke, Arkansas

1895 John Albert (Jack) Bradsher and Lusindia Ross Bradsher family photograph.

William Claude Bradsher 3 years, 2/23/1892, 5/17/1937 (45 years) Wife: Mamie Pattishall
John Albert (Jack) Bradsher, Father, 39 years, 4/5/1856, 11/8/1921 (65 years)
Jess L. Bradsher 4 years, 4/--/1890, 12/23/1937 (47 years) Wife: Jewel Livesay
Lusindia Ross Bradsher, Mother, 43 years, 7/8/1852, 12/13/1934 (82 years)
Della Bradsher Williams 7 years, 5/28/1888, death unknown, Husband: Gid Williams
Left to right, back row:
Isreal Calvin Bradsher 10 years, 8/19/1884. death unknown, Wife: Gussie Webb
Richard Albert Bradsher 15 years, 10/--/1880, 5/--/1938, (57 years) Wife: Victoria Cupp
Annie Gennie Bradsher McBride 17 years, 9/1/1878, --/--/1963, Husband: D.S. (Vess) McBride
Robert Ed Bradsher 18 years, 12/23/1876, 2/8/1920 (43 years) Wife: Mattie Clements
Amos P. Bradsher 13 years, 6/4/1882, 4/4/1940 (57 years) Wife: Arrena Miller
Children not shown in photograph:
Tom Bradsher, 12/23/1874, 10/10/1892 (17 years)
Dolly Bradsher, 11/7/1886, 8/15/1887 (9 months)
Verna Lucinda Bradsher Bullard, 1/9/1898, 12/10/1982 (83 years) Husband: Clarence William (Jack) Bullard

Sons of: John Albert and Lusindia Ross Bradsher
1910 Photograph

Left to right front row:
Jess Leroy Bradsher and Amos Pemberton Bradsher

Left to right second row:
William Claude Bradsher and Isreal Calvin Bradsher

1910 Extended Bradsher Family Group

1910 Extended Bradsher Family Group Photograph

Front Row Children left to right:
Grace McBride, Lanette Bradsher Adamson, Don Bradsher, Clarence McBride, Omer Bradsher
Second Row left to right:
Jess Bradsher, unknown girl, Nancy Overstreet Miller, Jasper Newton Miller, Eva Bradsher, J.A. Bradsher, Lusindia Bradsher, unknown woman, Woodrow McBride and Jasper Newton Miller Sr.
Third Row left to right:
Claude Bradsher, Verna Bradsher, unknown woman, Isreal Bradsher, Gussie Webb Bradsher, Gid Williams, Pauline Williams McKelvey, Della Bradsher Williams, Amos Bradsher, Emma Nell Bradsher Haws and Arrena Miller Bradsher

Everyone in this photograph, except the babies, saw Halley's Comet. My mother, Verna Bradsher Bullard, said that Halley's Comet was included in their conversation a lot in 1910. At that period in time and in the area where they lived, the nights were dark without interfering artificial lighting. Little children said,"Twinkle, twinkle little star, how I wonder what you are."

Tom Bradsher
December 23, 1874 - October 10, 1892
17 years

Oldest son of John Albert and Lusindia Bradsher
Dr. Robert Ed Bradsher M.D
December 23, 1876 - February 8, 1920
43 years

Second oldest son of John Albert and Lusindia Bradsher

Wife: Mattie E. Clements Bradsher
December 26, 1879 - June 28, 1963
84 years
Annie Gennie Bradsher McBride
September 1,1878 - --/--/1963

Oldest daughter of John Albert and Lusindia Bradsher

Husband: D.S. (Vess) McBride


Richard Albert Bradsher
October/--/1880 - May/--/1938

Third oldest son of John Albert and Lusindia Bradsher

Wife: Victoria Cupp Bradsher


Amos Pemberton Bradsher
June 4, 1882 - April 4,1940
57 years

Fourth son of John Albert and Lusindia Bradsher

Wife: Arrena Miller Bradsher


Isreal Calvin Bradsher
August 19,1884 - --/--/--

Wife: Gussie Web Bradsher


Della Bradsher Williams
May 28, 1888, --/--/--

Third daughter of John Albert and Lusindia Bradsher

Husband: Gid Williams


Jess L. Bradsher (on right)
April /--/1890 - December 23,1937

Sixth son of John Albert and Lusindia Bradsher

Wife: Jewel Livesay Bradsher

His friend Buel Williams on left.

Jess Leroy and Jewel Livesay Bradsher Family Line

William Claude Bradsher
February 23, 1893 - May 17, 1937
44 years

seventh son of John Albert and Lusindia Bradsher

Wife: Mamie Pattishall

William Claude and Mamie Pattishall Family Line

Verna Lucinda Bradsher Bullard
January 9, 1898 - December 10, 1982
84 years

Fourth daughter and youngest child of John Albert and Lusindia Bradsher

Husband: Clarence William (Jack) Bullard

Clarence William (Jack) and Verna Lucinda Bradsher Bullard Family

Map of Marmaduke, Greene County, Arkansas showing location of John Albert and Lusindia Bradsher's farm, Harvey's Chapel Cemetery and Barton's School
(look at large version for better view)


Harvey's Chapel Church and Cemetery
Marmaduke, Greene County, Arkansas
1999 photograph

Harvey's Chapel before there was even a school house at what is now Harvey's Chapel meetings were held at Edmonston's home. The first report from Edmonston's was given in 1859. During the Civil War, there was general lack of church work. In 1866, however a Sunday School was again organized at Edmonston's Class Book for the Society at Edmonston's on the Gainesville Circuit, Harrisburg District of the Arkansas Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church South for the year A. D. 1866 reads the first page of the class record. The following names appear: J.W. Edmonston, Zerilda Edmonston, Lucinda C.Wyatt, Caroline C. Meredith, Julia A. C. Edmonston, C. A. L. Percell, Elizabeth Freeman, Cynthia Whitworth, Amanda J.Whitworth, M. A. McClesky, Mary J.Webb, Elmira F. Thomas, Polly A. Stubblefield, Nancy D. Freeman, Martha A. Howard, Vincy A. Arnold, Matilda Edmonston, Matilda Edmonston, Malinda Edmonston, Melisa P. Whitworth, Penina J. Whitworth, Artemisa C. Edmonston, Emily P. Runnels, Luvana I.Boggs.

Harveys Chapel Cemetery Record


Mary Elizabeth Joiner Ross
March 20, 1822- June 3, 1905
82 years

Mary Elizabeth Joiner Ross was born in Kentucky, March 20, 1822 and died June 3, 1905 at the age of 83. She is buried on the west side of Harvey's Chapel between the church building and the road. I remember seeing her monument when I was a young child.

Mary Elizabeth was married to James Alexander Ross Who was killed by an unknown outlaw band during the Civil War and he may be buried in the Scatterville Cemetery.

Mary Elizabeth's Father was Isreal Joiner, born in Kentucky, December 1800. His date of death and burial site is unknown.

Mary Elizabeth and James Alexander Ross had four sons, two died in infancy. The other sons were Robert Ross and Isaac Ross. They had three daughters, Martha Adline Ross Brand Thompson, Matilda Ross Raspberry, and Lousindia (Cindy) Ross Bradsher.

Scatterville Area Map 1853



Front Row left to right:
Lanette Bradsher Adamson, Emma Nell Bradsher Haws, Grace McBride, Pauline Williams McKelvey, Eva Bradsher.
Second Row left to right:
Clarence McBride, Don Bradsher, Omer Bradsher, Woodrow McBride


Aunt Deanie and Uncle Ben Jones
Sister of John Albert (Jack) Bradsher


Robert and Manda Ross
Brother of Lusindia Ross Bradsher


Caroline Jefferson (Callie) Bradsher Vaught
May 27, 1865 - December 26, 1942
77 years
Sister of John Albert (Jack) Bradsher

Married: 1883 to Jefferson D. Vaught
Cudd Cemetery, Greene County, Arkansas

A Visit To Aunt Callie's House

My father asked me if I would like go with him to visit Aunt Callie. It was a beautiful day in early summer 1934. I was six years old and this was an appealing opportunity. My father, Jack Bullard, owned an automotive garage and service station in Marmaduke. He was a Ford car dealer with a sub-agency under one of the area dealerships in Paragould, Arkansas or Kennett, Missouri.

Jack, or "Uncle Jack," as he was know to our relatives, had just taken a Model T Ford in on trade and wanted to try it out. He went to the front of the car to crank the engine and asked me to turn on ignition. When I turned the ignition on the magneto, mounted on the engine side of the firewall, began to make a soft sizzling sound. With one energetic pull on the crank the engine started.

We drove out of town on highway 49 toward Rector, Arkansas and tuned left over the railroad tracks at the first crossing. It was a dirt road and the dust was already at the stage where it would squish up between your toes if you were barefoot. We crossed the old steel bridge over Jordan Creek. Prefabricated steel bridges at the time were floored in heavy oak boards and made rhythmic percussionary sounds with a steel band accompaniment.

When you cross the bridge you pass Uncle Vess and Aunt Ginnie's house on the right. Some distance further we turned left on another dirt road with large ditches on each side. We crossed a wooden bridge and there was a bull facing the Ford down with a bad attitude. My father stopped the car and waved his hat. He made several in-and-out moves to try to scare the bull with no luck. The bull finally tired of the encounter, turned and slowly walked away. As the car moved forward he broke into a run and was no longer a threat.

When we arrived at Aunt Callie's house, she was sitting on the front porch smoking a corncob pipe. My father was fond of Aunt Callie and usually took her gifts of food or household items. She was totally self-sufficient and had a large garden, fruit trees and grape vines. She would give us something fresh from her garden or something she had "put-up" in fruit jars.

I loved to listen to Aunt Callie talk. She spoke in a unique Elizabethan, Appalachian style. She wore an apron and homemade sunbonnet. This is one of my cherished memories.

Caroline Jefferson (Callie) Bradsher Vaught's
Daughter: Effie Gertrude Vaught Houston

Her daughter and husband standing behind

Wesley Elihu HOUSTON was born on Feb 22 1885 in Marmaduke, AR. He died on Aug 01 1964 in Pontiac, Oakland Co., MI and was buried in Drayton Plains, MI.
Wesley married Effie Gertrude VAUGHT, daughter of Jefferson Davis VAUGHT and Caroline Columbia "Callie" BRADSHER, on Jan 01 1905 in Marmaduke, AR. Effie was born on Jan 16 1888 in Marmaduke, AR.
Martha Jane Snodie (or Snody) HOUSTON was born on Nov 10 1888 in Marmaduke, AR.
Martha married Lonzo "Lonnie" Wells VAUGHT, son of Jefferson Davis VAUGHT and Caroline Columbia "Callie" BRADSHER, on Jan 14 1906 in Marmaduke, AR. Lonzo was born on Oct 02 1884 in Marmaduke, AR.

Leona Barton, Ola Henderson and Verna (Vernie) Bradsher

Students at Barton School around 1910



Daniel S. (Vess) and Annie Gennie Bradsher McBride Family Line