Clay County


Written and Researched by : Tina Easley and Otto Morton (my Dad)

Thank you ! Daddy

 Clay County, first called Clayton County, was formed in 1873 with Corning as the county seat. It was formed from parts of Greene and Randolph Counties with Western Clay County being formed from Randolph County and Eastern Clay County being formed from Greene County.

Map Of Greene County in 1854

( Notice Chalk Bluff at the very top.)

Townships in Greene in 1854

Chalk Bluff , Pleasant View , Oak Bluff , Gainesville , Walcott , Old Deserted ?? Villiage , Greensboro , Lorado , Crowleys , Newport, Oak Ridge


This is information that I have been researching what I call cross over counties located around or formed from Greene County or Greene County was formed from part of the other surrounding counties . It makes researching part of our family even more of a challenge.

Example : In 1870 census you find your family in Greene but in 1880 or 1900 they are in Clay County . But if you had land deeds they were in the same place at the same years (listed above) you would need to start searching in Clay County and pay close attention to the county formation years were records could cross over to the new county. The part of Greene County that was no longer Greene but now Clay County records. Sometimes when you think you might of hit a dead end you might want to try this it might prove to be worthwhile .

Mine and Daddy's Research Trip

Below is pictures from our research trip . We went and visted Scatterville and Chalk Bluff and was informed by a fellow that stopped and talked to us about another cemetery . Mobley Plantation and Mobley Cemetery with the slaves buried in the family cemetery . Scatterville and The Mobley Cemetery were not to far from the county line .

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Scatterville Area Map 1853

Chalk Bluff

Mobley Plantation and Cemetery