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*1st set:  MARRIAGES : Julie A. Curton and Columbus Pruitt, married Nov. 16th 1911

Ethel May Curton and Louis Otis Osburn, married Dec. 24th 1919

Thomas B. Osburn and Mary Grace Ciaramitare married July 2nd 1945

Ethel May Curton born March 8th 1901.

Loves Otis Osburn born Nov. 13th 1894.

Mattie an Wallis born Sept 8, 1886

Mattie Wallis & Otis Osburn were married April 2, 1918

Thomas Bufford Osburn, born Aug. 16, 1923

DEATHS:  Thom J. Curton died December 21st 1892                 

Emma E. Curton "   March 22 of 1913                 

Mattie A Osburn died June 16th 1919                  

T.J. Curton died July 25 1937                 

Rhoda Cur (crossed out) Purcell died Feb. 17, 1963                 

Julie Ann (Curton) Wittingham died May 17, 1966

MEMORANDA:  Bought Feb 15th 1919                         

Ethel May Curton  Bay Ark.  written twice hand written -


Louis Otis Osburn born Nov 13, 1894                                      

Ethel May Osburn  March 8, 1901  

*2nd set:MARRIAGES: Thom J. Curton of Bay Ark. and Emma Lisabeth Williams of Bay Ark. were by me united in Matrimony according to the ordinance of God and the laws of Arkansas at Bay Ark. on the 19th day of April in the year of our lord 1891. by A.L. Garrett J.P.  witnesses R.F. Watson A M. Watson


Tom J. Curton born Sept 11th 1863                                    

Emma E. Curton May 10th, 1869                                       

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Julie Ann Curton Sept 17th 1894                                   

William Silvester Curton Sept 3rd 1896                                   

Rodie Elizabeth Curton November 15th 1898                                   

Ethel May Curton March 8th 1901                                   

Daniel Edward Curton July 13th 1903                                   

Della Adlayed Curton March 10th 1905                                   

Mary Magdlean Curton April 2nd 1907  

*3rd set:  FAMILY REGISTER  PARENT'S NAMES              

Husband, William Sylvester Curton Born, Sept 3, 1896               

Wife, Lillian Frances True Born, August 30, 1902     Married, March 17th 1918         

DEATHS:  Anna C. Donnie True died Sept 15th 1942, she was 59                

Thomas Franklin True died Oct 24 1939, he was 63


William Chester Thomas Curton  Born Feb 10, 1919                                   

Melvin Franklin Curton                Born Aug 10, 1920                                  

James Earnest Curton                 Born Dec 22, 1922                                  

Marvin Edward Curton                  Born July 30, 1925                                  

Audry Eveline Curton                   Born Feb. 26, 1928                                  

Dortha Mae Curton                      Born Nov. 2, 1931                                  

Lloyd Sylvester Curton                 Born Jan. 12, 1934                                  

Richard Carl Curton                     Born Oct. 13, 1936                                  

J.D. Curton                                 Born Jan. 31, 1941

MARRIAGES:  Melvin Curton married Nov. 18, 1939 to Ruth (Illegible)                       

Chester Curton married to Vertie Mae Gooden                       

Melvin Curton married Feb. 9th 1941 to Hedy Cook                       

James E. Curton married Janie Roberson Nov. 1945                       

Marvin E. Curton married to Betty Joe Byrd May 1st 1948  

copied as closely to the original as possible, Cindy Toles, jctoles