Davis Family Bible


Sent in by Ruth Autrey Graftenreed Stubbs, Cassville, Mo.
>From the Bible of  Lula Davis:

Family Record
Parents Names

Husband:    Robert N Davis
Born:            Feb. 23, 1874

Wife            Lula Davis
Born:           March 23, 1877

Married:      Dec 9, 1894

Robert Newton Davis died April 20, 1961
Lula Davis died Aug 29, 1945

Children's  Names

Edna Lee Davis    born   Aug 15, 1895
Vera May Davis  born  April 3, 1898
James Willie Davis  born  March 6, 1900
George Edward Davis  born  Feb. 22, 1903
Lillian Audra Davis  born  April 9, 1905
Lydia Belle Davis  born  March 22, 1908
Anna Em Davis  born  June 26, 1911
Zetta Blanche Davis  born  Aug 24, 1913
Robert Allen Davis  born  Sept 7, 1917
Nolan Curtis   born   Jan. 13, 1921


Edna Lee Davis    April 19, 1913
James Willie Davis  Nov 15, 1919
Lillian Audra Davis  Feb 19, 1921
Lydia Belle Davis  Jan 25, 1929
Anna Em Davis  Oct 27, 1934
Nolan Curtis   March 18, 1939


Betty C Nichols Em's baby borned June 9, 1939 died June 14, 1939
Vera May Davis  Jan 26, 1901
Robert Allen Davis  May 10, 1918
George Edward Davis  Nov 4, 1918
Blanche Zetta Davis  July 7, 1939
Lillian Audrea    Oct 16, 1941
James Willie Davis  died Nov 15, 1961
Edna Lea died   April 19, 1969
Nolan     March 7, 1982
The Bible, published by Saalfield Publishing Co., Akron Ohio and New
York, is in poor condition.
    Information after the death of Lula Davis (her maiden name was also
Davis) was entered by daughter Lydia.  It is
interesting that she was always known as Lyda, but in the Bible her name
is clearly written Lydia.  This Bible was given to
Lyda's grandson Jesse Graftenreed upon her death.  Jess is the only
child of her youngest son Jerry Frank (also buried at
Clarks Chapel)
    Another interesting point is that although Lula recorded the dates
of her children's marriages, she did not record who they
married.  Since all are buried in Clark's Chapel Cemetery I managed to
figure out who they were.

Edna  married Neal Summers than Thomas Groves
James Willie probably married a lady named Bertha and the James Olera
Davis buried at Clark's Chapel is probably their
Lillian Audra married Chester Duffel
Lyda married Claude Graftenreed
Anna Em married Jimmy Nichols
Nolan Curtis married Alberta?