Greene County, Arkansas
Death's Toll Attributable To Bad Roads

Soliphone Newspaper

Monday , Oct. 27, 1919

Transcribed by Tina Easley

Child Near Stanford Dies of Diphtheria Because of Eight-Hour Delay Securing Antitoxin

Diphtheria claimed as a victim last night a little child belonging to Mr. and Mrs. Will Patton of Route 1 , who were visiting friends near Stanford on the west side of Crowley's Ridge. According to Dr. G. S. Self , the attending physician , the child's life might have been saved but for the horrible condition of the roads in Greene County and the consequent delay of eight hours in securing antitoxin. A messenger was dispatched from Stanford at eleven o'clock last night with instructions to come to the Lamb-Garner drug store in Paragould and secure antitoxins .An automobile could not be used and the trip was made on horseback. The messenger arrived at Paragould at four o'clock this morning , secured the medicine and returned to Stanford , but in the meantime the child had died . Physicians are sure that had the roads been in condition to permit the use of an automobile the child's life might have been saved.