Marmaduke Cackler

Transcribed by : Tina Easley

Volume 2, Number 38, on June 30, 1911


District 84

We are having plenty of rain and the crops are looking fine.

Miss Mary Nance was the guest of Mary Gay Sunday.

Dell Remer is here visiting his sister Mrs. Mary Like.

Some of the people of Hurricane are aware that Clarence Jarvis don't rubber at them. Stay with it Clarence you are the real "It" with District 84 and your not hard of hearing either.

Richard Gray and Walter Holt left Mon. morning for Arbyrd, Mo. where they work this summer.

Mrs. Bertha Bowen and Nola Wiley spent Sat. at Mrs. J. C. Bowen's.

George Surrell and wife spent Sunday with Issac Benton.

Charlie Holt is on the sick list.

The ice cream social at F. O. Seifert's Wed. night was well attended.

Miss Fern Seifert, Clarence Jarvis, Bertha Seifert and Henry Foster attended the ice cream social at Miss Beaulah Power's Sat. night.

Charlie Holt says he likes to go to ice cream suppers and wears his white cap. But his best girl don't like it so well.

Lem and Delbert Bowen and Oscar Seifert were at the fishing lake fishing Sat.

Miss Myrtha Haneline visited her sister, Mrs. Arthur Letner, Mon.

Vern Seifert and Lydie Fletcher say that they have had the swellest beaus in the country. What's their names girls?

come again Hurricane don't be so easy.