Masonic Lodge

Transcribed by : Tina Easley

One of the first Masonic Lodges in the area was given a charter Nov. , 8, 1871 , long before the fouding of either Marmaduke or Paragould . It was known as Harvey's Lodge 262 F.A.M. It is beleived that there was an earier Lodge , possibly before the Civil War , but there are no records to confirm this .

Charter Members included:

Jiles Harvey , Wm. F. McNeil , Henry Stone , J.F.A. Cribles , John Trantham , Moses Harvey , John W. Taylor , James McNeil , and J.T. Seagraves .

Signing the charter were S.W. Williams , Grand Masters L.E. Barber , Grand Secretary : R.L. Dodge , Grand Treasurer.

The Lodge was named for a pioneer family which also gave its name to Harvey's Chapel Methodist Church. The early church building had a second story which was used as a Masonic Lodge hall. Later when the First Baptist Church was built in Marmaduke in 1888 , the Lodge meeting place was moved to the upper story of the new church. Several years later this church was destroyed by fire and all church records were burned . Ervie Jordon , a Mason , of long standing , gave the information on the oldest Masonic chapter in the Marmaduke area , and said it was presumed that earlier records were destroyed when the church burned .

Today there is an active Masoni Lodge in Marmaduke , where the Hall is located on Main Street.