Walnut Ridge Arkansas



I posted this information to the site because so many of our families veterans served there or where stationed there . If you have information you would liked to add email me .


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Walnut Ridge Museum

Pictures from the Past


Army Air Forces Basic Flying School, 1942-1944

Marine Corps Air Facility, 1944-1945

War Assets Administration Warbird Disposal Facility, 1945-1948

USAF 725th Aircraft Control and Warning Squadron, 1956-1963

In April 1942 a Board of high-ranking Army Air Forces officers flew over Eastern Arkansas in search of an acceptable site. They selected a location near Walnut Ridge. The Government purchased 3096.22 acres of the county's finest farmland for the main Air Field, and 2,623.9 acres for 5 auxiliary Air Fields. Construction started on the Walnut Ridge Army Flying School June 20, 1942. The first pilots began training October 12, 1942.

Cadets Killed

Others Killed

The "Beatles " Walnut Ridge Airstrip

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