Fraternal Orders

Transcribed by : Tina Easley

Paragould Lodge, No. 368, F. & A.M. -- W.C. Hasty, W.M.; J.H. McPherson, S.W.; W.C. Thompson, J.W.; W.T. Stedman, Sec. Meets in Thompson's hall on Thursday night on or before full moon each month.

Paragould Chapter, No. 103, R.A.M. -- B.H. Crowley, E.H.P.; John O'Steen, Sec. Meets on second and fourth Thursday evenings of each month in Thompson's hall.

Paragould Chapter, No. 297, O.E.S. -- Mrs. M.E. Dickson, Worthy Matron; Miss Lena Collier, Sec. Meets first and third Friday nights of each month at Thompson's hall.

Paragould Lodge, No. 13, I.O.O.F. -- D.E. Fletcher, N.G.; J.F. Brant, V.G.; P.M. Fligor, Rec. Sec.; J.S. Parker, Fin. Sec.; J.T. Hester, Treas. Lodge meets every Friday night in Mack's hall.

Diamond Lodge, No. 237, I.O.O.F. -- John N.W. Agee, N.G.; W.H. House, V.G.; T.F. Tredaway, Sec.; S.R. Pruet, Rec.; A.D. Jackson, Treas. Meets every Thursday night in A.O.U.W. hall.

Liberty Encampment, No. 29, I.O.O.F. -- S.W. Patterson, C.P.; Newton Wright, S.W.; A.L. Reagan, H.P.; J.T. Hester, Scribe; J.S. Parker, Fin. Sec.; W.H. Wilson, Treas. Meets every Tuesday night in Mack's hall.

Miriam Rebekah Lodge, No. 11, I.O.O.F. -- Mrs Ida Stephens, N.G.; Mrs Della Downs, V.G.; Mrs Phebe Wachsmuth, R.S.; Mrs G.B. Parker, F.S.; Mrs Rixie Purvis, Treas. Meets every Thursday night in Mack's hall.

Victory Rebekah Lodge, No. 169, I.O.O.F. -- Mrs Callie Wright, N.G.; Mrs Eva Pruett, V.G.; Miss Minnie Hayes, Rec. Sec.; Mrs Ida Robinson, F.S.; J.C. Ford, Treas. Meets every Friday night in A.O.U.W. hall.

Excelsior Lodge, No. 42, Knights of Pythias -- W.J. Greditzer, Past C.C.; J.G. Meiser, C.C.; B.H. Parrish, V.C.; J.M. Futrell, Prel.; C.W. Stedman, M. of F.; R.W. Meriwether, M. of Ex.; S.M. Shane, K. of R.&S. Meets Monday night of each week at Mack's hall.

Paragould Lodge, No. 1080, B.P.O.E. -- Joseph Bertig, Exalted Ruler; J.H. McPherson, Esteemed Leading Knight; Jason L. Light, Esteemed Lecturing Knight; Joe T. Trice, Esteemed Loyal Knight; Charles W. Highfill, Secretary; Meets every Wednesday evening at Elks' hall.

Paragould Lodge, No. 32, A.O.U.W. -- Smith Lon, Past M.W.; W.C. Thompson, M.W.; Wm Thompson, Foreman; Henry Foxford, Overseer; R. Halsey, Recorder; J.V. Landrum, Finc. Sec. & Recv. Meets Tuesday night of each week in their own hall.

Golden Rule Lodge, No. 5, D. of H -- Miss C. Reilly, P.C. of H.; Mrs Ellen Whitsitt, C. of H.; J.V. Landrum, Recorder. Meets Monday evenings at A.O.U.W. hall.

Catalpa Camp, No. 18, W.O.W. -- J.H. Baldwin, C.C.; T.F. Tredaway, A.V.L.; J.T. Hester, Clerk; W.D. Newsom,Banker; J.L. Baldwin, Escort. Meets every Wednesday night in A.O.U.W. hall.

Pine Grove No. 22, Woodmen's Circle -- Mrs Nora Johnson, Past Guardian; Mrs Callie Wright, Worthy Guardian; Mrs Annie Newsom, Clerk. Meets every Wednesday at 2:30 p.m. in A.O.U.W. hall.

Paragould Lodge, No. 2416, K.&L. of H. -- Mrs L.M. Reaves, Past Protector; J.D. Bridges, Protector; Mrs Nora Johnson, Cor. Sec.; J.T. McHaney, Fin. Sec.; Meets every Tuesday nights at Thompson's hall.

Paragould Tent, No. 6, K.O.T.M. -- J.M. Chastine, Sir K.C.; J.W. Williams, K.P.C.; Eugene Langly, Sir K.L.; W.C. Thompson, Sir K.R.K.; E.S. Heaton, Sir K.F.K.; Meets every Monday night in Thompson's hall.

Easter Hive, No. 3, L.O.T.M. -- Mrs Mattie Donaldson, Past Lady Commander; Mrs M.E. Dickson, Lady Commander; Mrs Ida Bandy, Record Keeper; Meets every Monday at 3 p.m. at A.O.U.W. hall.

Paragould Lodge, No. 142 F.U. of A. -- Lindsey C. Stevenson, Past Fraternal Master; Mrs Tom Smith, Fraternal Master; Alvey L. Otey, Sec. Meets first and third Wednesday nights of each month in Thompson's hall.