1891 Events Newspaper

Transcribed by : Tina Easley


Greene County, Arkansas Court, October Term, 1891

Hon. W.C. Jones, Judge

Your petitioners, the undersigned citizens and householders, living on and near the county road leading in a northerly direction from Paragould, known as the Gainesville and Paragould road, District No. 36, respectfully ask your Honorable Court to appoint reviewers to view and mark out the following changes in said road, to-wit: Beginning at a point where said road strikes the north line of the southwest quarter of section 29, township 17 north, range 6 east: thence east to a point due north of a tract of land bought by M. Umstead: thence in a southerly direction to Eight Mile Creek at or near the Staker factory; thence east to the street or road running on the west side of the Staker factory.

J.R. Brannon, John Good, F.M. Tansil, J.J. Cole, H.W. Glasscock, J.W. Crawford, J.W. Schwratz and 42 others.