Greene County, Arkansas

Soliphone Newspapers
Thursday, Sept. 27,1919

Transcribed by : Tina Easley


Greene County backward with health figures. Dr. C. W. Garrison asks for more accurate reports and given names of registrars. Dr. C. W. Harrison state health officer has mailed the Press and Soliphone the following letter dealing with vital statistics. Your county is one of the few in the state that is not co-operating to the fullest extent with the Bureau of Vital Statistics in the matter of accurate and complete return on births and deaths. "There is hardly a relation in life from the cradle to the grave in which such a record may not prove of the greatest value. "

During 1918 we received from your county reports of 140 births and 50 deaths. Enclosed we have a list of the townships in your county with the names of registrars now serving as soon as the county judge makes recommendations for the vicinities they will be filled.

We ask each registrar for a list of every physician, midwife, undertaker and casket dealer in his or her township and as soon as the information is received steps will be taken for full cooperation on their part.


List of Registrars of Births and Deaths


Dr. W. M. Majors Walcott

Clark Township

no appointment


W. J. Lively - Marmaduke

Blue Cane

S. B. Vincent Rector Rt. 4


Thos. C. Barner - Lafe


J. E. Newberry - Light


J. A. Smelser - Beech Grove

Evening Shade

no appointment


A. L. Buchanan - Halliday


Dr. W. E. Ellington - Paragould, Rt. 6


no appointment


R. L. Hutcherson - Delaplaine


Dr. W. E Ellington - Paragould


no appointment


no appointment

St. Francis

J. A. McDaniel - Paragould Rt. 1


J. T. Cook - Jonesboro Rt. 2

Shady Grove

no appointment

Spring Grove

no appointment

Sugar Creek

no appointment


no appointment


W. J. Livery - Marmaduke


R. Vanover - Paragould Rt. 1