Greene County Towns

Past And Present

Transcribed by : Tina Easley


Note# click the towns name and a new page with a map will open the red dots on the maps are where the towns where or are located in the county .


Town Names Old and NEW County Name Location
Schug Craighead Schugtown
Bard Greene Paragould East
Beech Grove Greene Lafe
Bertig Greene Cardwell
Bethel Greene Brookland
Black Jack Greene Delaplaine
Brighton Greene Cardwell
Camp Ground Greene Paragould West
Case Greene O'Kean
Case (historical) Greene Delaplaine
Center Hill Greene Paragould West
Coffman Greene Paragould East
Commissary (historical) Greene Walcott
Cotton Belt Greene Paragould East
Crowley Greene Paragould West
Delaplaine ,Grays Station Greene Delaplaine
Dixie, Saint Pauls Greene Mounds
Ebenezer , Mount Zion Greene Walcott
Evening Star Greene Delaplaine
Fairview Greene Paragould West
Faulknerville Greene Walcott
Finch , Herrenville Greene Walcott
Fontaine Greene Walnut Ridge SE
Fritz Greene Mounds
Gainesville Greene Lafe
Green High Greene Paragould West
Halliday Greene Paragould East
Hillside (historical) Greene Lafe
Hooker , Hooker Switch Greene Lafe
Hopewell Greene Mounds
Jay Greene Mounds
Lafe ,Loulyma, Newberry, Ramers Chapel, Upper Lafe Greene Lafe
Lake Side Greene Paragould East
Light Greene Walcott
Lorado Greene Lorado
Marmaduke Greene Marmaduke
Miller Greene Dixie
Mitchell Mill Greene Senath
Mollus (historical) Greene Peach Orchard
Morning Star Greene Paragould East
Mounds Greene Mounds
New Hope Greene Dixie
Noxburn Greene Paragould East
Oak Grove Heights Greene Paragould West
Paragould Greene Paragould East
Paris (historical) Greene Marmaduke
Pine Knot Greene Paragould West
Rock Hill Greene Paragould West
Stanford Greene Walcott
Stonewall , Cache Station Greene Lafe
Tunis Greene Brookland
Twin Oaks Greene Paragould East
Unity Greene Paragould East
Walcott Greene Walcott
Walnut Corner Greene Walnut Ridge SE
White Oak Greene Senath