Hopkins Family

Posted by : Tina Easley

Donated by : Jeantte Hopkins

Hopkins History

My Great Grandmother was the Daughter of Ross Coffman. My Grandfather Jess Hopkins lived on Rush Island for years. He and my uncle Roy (Butch) had a saw mill and a single mill in the early 1920s best I can tell.   There was a school on that Island prior to that. I had heard as a kid about the school and that about 25 Families lived on Rush Island and Round Island. There was also a small grocery store owned by Hoyer's. The building is still there just moved up the road and added on to make the house that Ollie and Albert Hoyer lived in. One of the Boy's still has the property.   When I lived on the Island in 1945 until about 1956 there was 8 Families or less. Round Island had about 3 Families. I would love to find some one, some where that knows the of that old school. I have an Aunt 80 years old (Annabelle Hopkins) living in the Miller Community now. She lived on Rush Island  until she was 5 years old and moved to Miller to start to school. I ask her about this old school and she  does not know anything about it.   As I recall my Grandfather owned about 360 Acres there on The Island . He was killed while cutting a tree in the mid 50's   I was born 1939 and left Paragould 1961 and have live in California ever since. Even as a kid, I remember the Schug's and the cotton gin very well Aslo McDaniel's store, I went to Lakeside with June Ann and Earl Mc Daniel. My Dad Henry Hopkins ran around with Ortho McDaniel.   Is there any way to find this old school's name. If my information is close to correct I think I know where it was located and torn down long before my time.  

Written by :

Jeanette Hopkins

If anyone knows information about the school please email me .



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