This is a project I have been working on for several years . I was raised at Schugtown which is along the St. Francis River . All my life I have heard about all the old hunting clubs and camps along the rivers and it has always caught my interest and wanted to find out more . So everytime I run across something that has to do with the ways our families lived on the rivers which was a very big part in their lives I post it or try to find out more . If you have any information or pictures please feel free to email me

The photo below is a hunting party on the St. Francis River the Vaughn's and the Hyde's

The photo above was donated by Danny McDaniel

Thanks Danny !


Hunting Club Owner , Manager Location , Place Officers Rates Description
Buffalo Island Hunting and Fishing Club Bertig, Ar S. Virgilio This club house is situated about one - half mile from Seneca Slough . It is a mile and a half to Badwell's Lake which can be reached by hand car. C. S. Wheeler pres. Equitable Building ,John H. Holmes, secretary 506 Columbia Building, St. Louis, Mo rates to club members are $1.00 per day, which includes boats, board and lodging, and to non - members $2.00 per day the best duck shooting from the first of September until the first of March
The Buffalo Island Hunting and Fishing Club S. Virgilio Fifteen miles below Bertig is another club house under the same management and is located   furnishes boats and guides to his guest and transports them to the lower boat house, where they are admitted on the same membership finest duck shooting waters in the United States
Knobel Hunting and Fishing Club Bertig owned and officered mostly by St. Louis sportsmen, with Alex H. Smith, president and W.P. Kennett, secretary   membership fee is $10.00 per year and application for membership should be made to either of the above named officers  
Big Lake To reach Big Lake you take the Paragould Southeastern at Paragould and run to Hornersville: at Hornersville you secure boats and guides and make a trip to Big Lake on Little River    

Big Lake, which is fifteen miles south of Hornersville


a body of water that was produced by the earthquake of 1811 at the same time the celebrated Reel Foot Lake of Tennessee was formed
Hornersville, Mo. oldest town in southeast Missouri having been located in 1834,on the banks of Little River which is navigable most of the year for small steamers,

Hornersville is the eastern terminus of the Paragould Southeastern Railway

For special information as to Hornersville, write Judge J. W. Black