Memories of Dr. George P. Bridges






Tina: My hero growing up in the Miller Community was Dr. George P. Bridges. I will tell you all I know about him, but that is not much.

He lived on the North side of the "Square" in the Miller Community in his earlier years and then moved to south of Paragould in a community on the Highway to Jonesboro. I don't remember the name of the community where he lived at the time I left that area in 1943. He was our family Doctor all the time I lived there. He attended my mother who died at age 23, in 1932, of Septicemia [blood poisoning] after sticking a splinter under her fingernail.

He took me on the train as a 12 year old kid to Memphis to have my eyes checked. At his expense, I might add.

When I came home from the Navy on leave the first person I went to see was Dr. Bridges. I so wanted him to see me in a sailor uniform and just to see him and thank him for taking care of me as I was growing up. A very pleasant, unforgettable visit. He introduced me to all of his patients in the waiting room! I was just 17 years old.

His office was in Paragould but I forgot the address.

Lelland ( Johnny ) Fletcher,
San Diego, CA.