Mile Square Roads


Map 1928 - 1937

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Below is a link to a map of the Four Mile Square Roads in the Miller School House Community . My Dad ( Otto Morton ) sketched out the map and with the help of Ruth (Franks ) Redmond who provided the names of the families that lived around the four Mile Square Roads .


Mile Square Road Map 1928 -1937


These memories below were told to me by Mrs. Ruth ( Franks ) Redmond .

Mrs. Redmond was a student at Miller School , her brother Clyde Franks was a teacher at Miller School . Mr. Franks also taught at Dixie school for several years until he bought into partnership with another man and purchased the Dixie cotton gin. Mrs. Redmond started at Miller School in 1928 and 1937 was the last year she attended before moving to Paragould . Mrs. Redmond's , Dad died in 1937 and her Mom sold the farm two years later and bought a home in Paragould. Mrs. Redmond now lives in Camano Island, Washington .

Here is a list of children that also attended Miller School that lived off of the Four Mile Square Roads .

Miller School Memories

Some  lived on roads leading off of the Four square mile road but I don't know where their houses were except the two Batey families and they lived on the road going west of the school before getting to the Hwy.       Mr & Mrs Jackson --Loy, Ruby, Harold, Vaudean, and Maxine..... Mr & Mrs Earnest Higgins--Leonard, Olan, Nolan and Loy......  Mr & Mrs Harry Day --Buck, Toby, Ruth, Tabbie and Gerald......  .Mr & Mrs Raines-- Rosalee, Edith, Helen and Mozelle.....Mr & Mrs Tyner---Gladys, Vivian,  Imogene and JT......  Mr & Mrs Batey--Guthel, Preston, Foy, Javee & Jvonne......Mr & Mrs Will Batey---Winford, Flora, Hershel, and George. I think there were more children in Mr Will Batey 's family but can't think of their names now. Several of the kids came to school from the Islands and the Coffman area also the road west to highway 135 which was west of us..A lot of Batey's  lived on that road and in that area. Mc Daniel's also had a grocery store on the corner of hwy 135 and the road going out from Mile square area. Lemmon's , Howards and McDaniel's Stores were the only ones besides Schugtown so Paragould was the main shopping place unless a quick pick up was needed.  

Evan Lemmons son , Bernard Lemmons was my first teacher and we had to turn 6 years old before going to primer school they called it then and now it's called kindergarten. I was not yet 6 when school started and had to wait a few days but when I had my 6th birthday Bernard came by and walked to school with me since he had to go by our house. They lived on the east corner from us and the family had a grocery store which was handy living in the country. Town was a long trip when going in a wagon with a team.  We were so happy when we and two other families got new model T cars  The Ellington' which was my Mom's brother and family. and the Millers that lived between us on the opposite side of the road. Oh how they had to turn the crank on those cars to get them started. One day we took a trip to see the Mississippi River and that was a great sight for us kids to see. 

Morton Family Memories

Mrs. Redmond attended Miller School with my Grandfather's ( Barney Morton ) younger twin sister and brother Geraldine and Eugene Morton. Memories of them below.

I knew who your Grandfather Barney and Burney were but because they were Eugene and Geraldine's brothers I don't ever remember talking to either of them but just knew who they were.  I had been to the Morton's home with Geraldine but our main contact was in school. Geraldine and I could play ball as good as most of the the boys and when we were playing at our school with the kids there, we seldom got to play on the same side for we were chosen so fast on opposite teams. The girls at Miller School had a  great softball team too which Geraldine and I played on all time.

The teachers I remember that taught at Miller were Bernard Lemmons, Clyde Franks my brother, Mack Blackwood,  Mozelle Blackwood, Rupert Blalock,  Almus McNeil,   Helen Tate, Minnie Gay,  Elsie Calvert, and William Rowland. Don't remember if there were others.

Mainshore Community memories , that Mrs. Redmond told me , Mainshore I did then remember about the steam ships for one broke down and a fellow from a northern state had to come down and fix it. He knew someone there that knew my parents and they knew we lived near the area. I don't know how they got in touch for we never had a telephone but he ask if he could stay with us while working on the ship and he was with us several days getting it fixed. I had thought about that a few times since but not for years. I was never in that area but kids from there went to Miller school.

Schugtown Community memories , that Mrs. Redmond shared ,

One day my Dad was at Schugtown and the elder Mr Schug was telling the men that he and his wife eats in different counties one in Craighead and the other in Greene county then told them their house was on the county line and the line went down the center of their dining table. Going to Schugtown to see silent movies. From what I remember the people went into a large room with a lot of chairs and a fairly large screen was set up for all to see. Oh how I wish I had asked a lot more questions when I got older but never thought about it. My oldest brother could have told me a lot for he had a good memory about everything but he has been gone a few years. 

Memories of the Floods

Once the Eight mile ditch was so full and really rough and a man got his wife and their kids in a boat and went on it and the boat turned over and at least two or three kids drowned and people had a hard time searching for them. I think his name was Higgins but not sure for I never really knew them. The big flood we had in maybe 1934 but not sure the year. It was a bad one and our field was covered and looked like a lake. Our house was on the highest spot on the farm and water got so deep, probably 18 inches or more that it got in the corners of two rooms then the levee broke below where your Morton family home was and that water went down so fast they said it flooded the other side. It broke by a house that was built on high stilts like made from trees and the Pat Higgins family lived there at the time but the house was ok. I have a feeling Mr Morton got flooded real bad being on the side the levee was on and maybe you were told about it. That Eight mile ditch was really bad when it rained a lot and was so swift.      My family had pigs on the back porch and chickens in the hen house but the cows and horses were still walking around in the lot. I don't know how it all happened but the land was lower south of us and sometimes we fished and went boating when it rained a lot but never had a flood or water on the farm before.

This is just in case you want to add their names to that area for they lived there many years   also.                                                                                                                                          Ruth