Marmaduke Cackler

Transcribed by : Tina Easley

Volume 2, Number 38, on June 30, 1911


Mooring Items

Ike Howard of Paragould visited friends here Saturday.

Misses Barbara, Ruth and Maude Johnson of Halliday spent Sunday with Miss Mabel Atchison.

Miss Noma Hood went to Halliday Sunday morning for a few days to visit with friends.

Mr and Mrs. E. P. and Mr. and Mrs. Arter Holt were Marmaduke visitors Sunday.

Burrah Jarvis of Marmaduke is spending the week with his parents here.

Clarence Jarvis visited a friend at Hurricane.

Prof. Wright of Paragould visited Jesse and Claude Bradsher Tuesday.

Frank Christian was here Sunday from Stonewall visiting friends. His sister, Miss Nellie, who had been visiting friends here for several days returned home with him Monday.

Jesse Bradsher spent Monday at Paragould.

O. E. Robertson who has been working at a handle mill near Campbell, Mo. returned Sat. night.

Tommie Ross and Uncle Wm. Stone returned the first part of this week from a short visit with relatives and friends in Kentucky and Tennessee.

Miss Estelle Stovall of Reeves, Tenn. is here visiting her brother A. C. Stovall. Miss Stovall may remain here for several weeks.

W. F. Moore and family returned the first the first part of the week from Anniston, Mo. where they visited his brother George Moore and family.

John Church of Oak Grove was here Sat. visiting J. E. Tanner.

Charley Horton of Kennett spent a few days here this week visiting his sister, Mrs. W. W. Rogers.

T. H. Seagroves and J. H. Harvery were at Rector, Mon. where they papered a four room house and got back on the southbound passenger train.