The Honor Roll

Paragould's Company of National Guard , Sept. 10, 1917

Transcribed by:Tina Easley from The Weekly Soliphone 1917 (note: microfilm was hard to read and copied as well as I could read them could be mistakes in names , place were from and ect...)

Desighned Company H. 3rd Regiment Ark. Infantry . This date left for training camp at Fort Logan H. Roots Little Rock, Ar. preparatory to joining General Pershing's expeditionory force's in France . A complete roster of the company follows.

J.C. Shane - Paragould, John T. Batten 1st. Lieutenant - Paragould, Albert Hays Porter 2nd Lieutenant- Paragould,

Wm. J. Walker mess sergeant - Paragould, Wm. Clarence Wilburn 1st sergeant - Paragould,

Jas. C. Waxman supply sergeant - Paragould, Floyd A. White sergeant-Paragould,

Thomas T. Mardis sergeant - Paragould, Wright L. Schuh sergeant - Paragould ,

Clifton Massey sergeant -Paragould, Raymond Graves sergeant - Paragould, Bradford E. Anderson sergeant- Paragould,

A. B. Williams coroporal - Marmaduke, Horace T. Walker coroporal - Paragould,

Sanford K. Ruffin corporal - Hornersville, Mo., Frank McDonald corporal -Paragould,

Welburn S. Luna corporal - Paragould, James D. Hollis corporal - Greenway,

Willis A. Deakin corporal - Paragould, Clarence Crunip corporal - Paragould,

Egbert F. Copeland corporal - Paragould, Roy Randy corporal - Paragould,

John H. Brewer corporal - Paragould, Geo H. Birchaun corporal - Paragould,

Horace G. Lenear mechanic - Cardwell Ky., Luther H. Blackerd machanic - Paragould,

L.J. Warren cook , W.M. Aoozier cook - Atkins Ar., L.S. Polk musician - Corning,Ar.

Lee E. Arnold - Cardwell , Earl E. Boone - Paragould , Sam B. Bolin - Paragould,

Carl Bohn - Paragould, Jack Brown - Paragould, Ernest Barrow - Cardwell,

Will Barfield - Paragould , John W. Bracken - Corning , Barnerd G. Brown - Paragould,

Joda L. Burk - Lafe, Stanley Butler - Paragould , Arnold Blankenship - Corning, William E. Clark - Halliday,

Claude Church - Paragould , Arthur Dees - Paragould , Rone Estridge - Hamilton , Ontario,

Van Garmoth - Beech Grove, Hiram P. Grayson - Corning, Guy W. Graves - Paragould,

Paul Glover - Paragould, Jack Gardner - Lafe , Robert Garner - Beech Grove, Earl Hargate - Corning , D. Hall - Paragould,

Gilbert Hansford - Paragould, Pat H. Hays - Paragould, Guy Henderson - Datto , Ar.,

Herman Hean - Paragould, Clifford Harvard - Paragould, Leslev Higgins - Paragould, Richard S. Hodges -Paragould,

Alt Irvin - Paragould, John W. Jackson - Marmaduke,C. Jenkins - Knobel, Clyde A. Johnson - Paragould,

John A. Johnson - Paragould , Bryan Keity - Corning, Eugene Kircaroey - Paragould,

Jas. Cos- Corning , Walter V. Lee - Paragould, Lunn J. Light - Paragould, J.E. Lamb - Eldorada,

Guystaye Leuehement - Lafe, Clarence Nason - corning, Harry Merte - Paragould, Carl Moore - Paragould,

Arthur McVey - Knobel, Jess L. Woody - Paragould, Alvie Melain - Paragould,

Alton R. Phillips - Paragould, Elbert H. Philliphs - Paragould, Alfred Winston Porter - Paragould,

Elmer Pavers - Paragould, Cat Rowland - Paragould, Lon Rosier - Coraine, John F. Rusself- Paragould,

Bill Rogers - Paragould, Charlie R. Riley , Harry Roefrow - Paragould,

Alvery Review - Paragould, Cloyes L. Rasberry - Paragould, D.D. Smith - Paragould,

Claude m. Stephene - Paragould, G. Corald , Stegatt Wintthrope , Otla Al Scott - Paragould,

Ernest J. Smith - Paragould, Clerence Smith - Corning, Witham A. Summer - Paragould,

Pant Sinis - Paragould, Delbert A. Spain - Paragould, Herbert C. Sanders - Paragould,

Thomas T. Taylor- Corning, Zelma Lee Thornton - Dyer, Tenn. , Taylor Walker - Paragould,

John D. Wiggion - Paragould, Henry Witcher - Paragould, Doe Woods - Rector,

Charlie R. Yates - Rector, Willie J. Younger - Paragould,

Oscar Emmerson - Paragould,

Oswald Tritch - Paragould,