Old Clippings


These are some of the old newspaper clippings I have transcribed or scanned from the old newspapers .

tina Easley


St. Francis Valley Land For Sale 1902 Monster Black Bass 1904
Hail Kills Birds 1952 Bigger and Better Eggs 1930
Arkansas churches open to negroes 1954 Night Riders 1908 Burn Cotton
Arkansas Home Made New For $ 3. 25 School Bus Crash 1948
Greene county was first 1918 Radio "Hams" to meet at blytheville 1940
Standard Farm Machinary 1919 Best In Show 1935
Stave Plant Burned 1902 Walters Sorghum Mill 1955
Farmers Dig For Jesse James Gold In Arkansas 1953 Hurt as Plane Falls 250 Feet 1928
Governors Tax Hike 1957 School Bus Wreck 1948
Accuse Two Of Operating Still 1949 Hen Turns Into A Rooster 1906
Can City Demand Intercity Auto License 1915 Price Of Used Cars 1930
Night Riders In Arkansas 1908 Meteorite In Field Museum 1930
Another Tornado 1937 Lone Bandit Robs Marmaduke Bank 1953
New Madrid Dike Swept Away By Floods 1927 Floods 1935
Killer Tornadoes Hit South 1968 Tornadoes 1901
Train Wrecks , Tornadoes , Mine Explosions 1947 Plenty in Arkansas 1923
Police Deny Lee's Story About Killing 1948 Mystery Metal 1921
Convicted On Poison Charge 1934 Walker Commisioner Instead of Futrell 1921
Joe Barron 1919 Louis Cline Is Facing Court 1934
Artificial Gas Plant to be Erected at Paragould 1925 Famous Meteorite
Seen At Kangaroo Kourt 1958 Railroad Head Will Visit Here
Schreits Paragould's Grand Marshals 2003