Old Folklore

This Folklore below was donated by my husband Mike he found it in an old magazine clipping the date on it was 1947. I thought it was kind of interesting. If you have other folklore or superstitions that was handed down in your family email them to me and we can add them here .


Transcribed by Tina Easley

Wise and Otherwise

Personality and Hair

The girl with golden blonde hair may look like a baby doll , but it is a mistake to think she has a baby doll temperament . As a rule golden -haired persons are ambitious and determined , fearless and sometimes stubborn . They are "doers" rather than dreamers, organizers rather than poets.

Golden haired women are said to get along better with men than with other women but they are loyal to their friends of either sex.

Red haired is always associated with impulsiveness and vivacity , Red-haired women are somtimes quarrelsome but usually warm hearted and generous . They like to have their own way and are not averse to flattery .

Black -haired women are thought by some authorities to make the most devoted and faithful wives and mothers. Jealously and moroseness sometimes go with black hair but under favorable circumstances black-haired women are extremely sociable.

Women with light brown hair are said to be adaptable , reposeful and gifted with tact . The majority of women who are popular with their own sex possess light brown hair , and they make excellent wives for men of strong and gifted personalities . They often posess an unusual amount of personal charm.

Dark brown hair is often associated with the women of marked artistic temperament. Such women often possess unusual preserverance and tenacity of purpose.

This was a old superstition told to me by my mother-n-law Tressie Easley , I had planted a cedar tree in our yard after her son and I had just bought our house . She made pull it up because she said when it got tall enough to shadow my grave I would die. Of course I wasn't going to take any chances so I have never planted another cedar tree. ....Tina Easley

Here is an old saying which farming parents told their children:  If you kill a toad we will know, because the cow will give blood that evening instead of milk.   

Also:  If you catch a butterfly and put it in the sewing-machine drawer, your mother will get a new dress.  

Bury hair from the tip of a dog's tail beneath the porch steps, and the dog will never leave home.  

If you kill a snake and hang it on a fence, belly-up, it will rain that night.  

If you see a redbird, you will see someone you weren't expecting to see.  

If a snapping turtle bites you, he won't let go until he hears thunder.  Donated by Charles Batten

My Great Grandma use to tell us :

If it thunders in Feb,, its cool until June

When the thisistle blooms its 6 weeks until the 1st frost

If you smell the scent of a goat and you don't have one , there is a rattkesnake around

Donated by D.Libby