One of the oldest men

Transcribed by : Tina Easley

Feb. 11, 1909

84 years old

Many friends do honor to Uncle Seth Peebles and give him a suprise dinner. One of the oldest men in Greene County .

All his friends and neighbors celebrated the event in a becoming manner. They all gathered at his home near Friendship church.

Bringing baskets of food and joy to share. It appeared the whole county turned out to do him

honors. We obtained just a few

of the names of the guest listed below:

Henry Wood

Uncle Huse Weatherly

Jack McHaney and family

D.T. Gresham and family

T. C. Witt

Jim Bowen and family

T.B. Kitchens and wife

Dr. R.A. Markum

Uncle Bob Rutledge

and many others.