Orphanage Homes


If you have ever run across while researching a orphan child we all know how hard it is to find anything . This page will have everything I can find on orphanages or orphan records that I run across if you know of any that is not listed here please feel free to email me .


We have all heard of the Orphan Trains that delivered children to waiting families . Sometimes orphans were shipped out to different states and counties and seperated from their siblings . I thought I would list all the links or information I could to help.

The "Orphan Trains" ran from 1854 to before the Great Depression in 1929. The first train brought 47 boys for placement in Michigan. At least 100,000 children were eventually placed. Some were placed in abusive situations where parents wanted workers rather than loving children. However, 90% of the children were successfully placed in good homes. Many of the orphans became journalists, judges, lawyers, attorneys, physicians and leading business and professional men and women.
Before the boxcars of children entered a town, the children were bathed and given clean clothes to wear. The were given instructions on how to act on arrival at the train station, town hall, church or wherever people gathered to pick out a child. Sometimes the children sang, danced or just stood and smiled to get the people's attention. At first people thought the children were of the "criminal class" because they heard the children were "slum dwellers". Their attitude soon changed when they saw how very normal the children were.
The farm families were always give adequate notice so that many people would be waiting for the trains to come in.

This is a ad that ran in the old newspapers distributing Orphan Children.

County or Records Orhanage
Jefferson County 'Colored' Industrial Institute
Sebastian County Unnamed Children's Home
Drew County Unnamed Orphan Home
  Arkansas Baptist Childrens Home
The Preachers Tale Editor William Fury
Iowa , Scott Co. Soldiers Orphan's Home
Orphan Train Orphan Train Heritage
Almshouse Records New York 1819-1840 Almshouse Records New York City 1855-1858
Orphanage Rosters Asylum, New York City, New York 1860
Roman Catholic Orphan Asylum in Rochester, Monroe Co., New York in 1850 Half-Orphans in the Sisters of Charity Orphan Asylum, New York City, New York 1860
Orphans in the Sisters of Charity Orphan St Joseph's Infant Home in Troy, Rensellaer County New York, 1900
Orphans in St. Patrick's Orphan Asylum Rochester, Monroe County, New York 1880 St. Vincent's Female Orphan Asylum, Albany, Albany County, New York 1880
Troy Catholic Orphan (Male) Asylum, Troy, Rensalaer County New York 1880 St. Patrick's Male Orphan Asylum, Cortlandt, Westchester County, New York 1880
St. Vincent's Orphan Protectory (Male) Uitca, Oneida County, New York 1880 St. Joseph's Female Orphan Asylum, Brooklyn, Kings County New York 1880
Orphan Train Riders stop over in Ashtabula Personal Letters of Alfred Waibel
Orphans Asylum Society of the City Of New York Ancestral Orphans Message Board
Belmont County Children's Home Belmont County, Ohio
FairView Home for Friendless Children of Watervliet Watervliet, New York
Orphan Memories Message Board Isle of Wight Orphan Records
1930 Texas Orphans Index Texas Orphanage Databases 1920
Buckner Children's Home 1900-1930 Census Page De Pelchin Faith Home
Masonic Home of Texas Methodist Orphanage
Negro Baptist Orphan Home Protestant Oprhans Home
Reynolds Presbyterian Orphanage St. Peters Orphanage
List of Early Orphanages Texas State Orphanage
Ursuline Convent & Academy State Historical Society of Missouri
List of Orphan Train Riders to Iowa List of children sent to Iowa
Ellis Island Passenger Records for Orphan