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But to prospectors and especially the devotees of the rod and gun , the leading attractions at Bertig are the splendid club houses . These club houses are built partly extending into the river and you step from their broad verandas into your boat and go in any direction you may chose in quest of game and fish. The Buffalo Island Hunting and Fishing Club with S. Virgilio as manager is a home for the weary traveler from whatever direction he may come. Mr. Virgilio caters to the wants of his guests with all the skill of a connoisseur , being an experienced hotel and club house manager. The officers of this club are C. S. Wheeler pres. Equitable Building, St. Louis, Mo. and John H. Holmes, secretary 506 Columbia Building, St. Louis, Mo. The rates to club members are $1.00 per day, which includes boats, board and lodging, and to non - members $2.00 per day.

The membership fee is fixed at the nominal sum of $2.50 per year. The membership certificates expire on the first day of each year, and membership is open to all persons of good standing. This club house is situated about one - half mile from Seneca Slough which affords the best duck shooting from the first of September until the first of March. It is a mile and a half to Badwell's Lake which can be reached by hand car. The lake is about 20 miles long, with an average width of half mile, with water from two and a half feet to twenty feet deep. This body of water is celebrated for its fine fly and minnow fishing.

Fifteen miles below Bertig is another club house under the same management and is located it is said on the finest duck shooting waters in the United States. Mr. Virgilio