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furnishes boats and guides to his guest and transports them to the lower boat house, where they are admitted on the same membershipo. When we state upon the authority of hundreds of sportsmen who have tried it that the average days catch in these waters is from 40 to 125 bass per day, we are warranted in saying that this is the sportsman's paradise and that the followers of Sir Isaac Walton can here find everything to gratify their most fastidious dreams.

Persons wishing further testimony of credible witnesses to corroborate these statements may write to Dr. D. S. H. Smith, Treasurer of Missouri Pacific Railway Company, E. A. Peck, General Superintendent of the St. Louis, Iron Mountain & Southern Railway Company; William Nichols, President of the Commercial Bank; W. S. Eames, Architect and F. U. Hugunin, all of St. Louis, who have been there and know what it is.

The Knobel Hunting and Fishing Club also have a fine club house at Bertig , which is owned and officered mostly by St. Louis sportsmen, with Alex H. Smith, president and W.P. Kennett, secretary. The membership fee is $10.00 per year and application for membership should be made to either of the above named officers. It is also understood that the members of this club are contemplating the erection of a commodious club house on Big Lake, fifteen miles south of Hornersville, Missouri.

There are fine farming and timber lands in the vicinity of Bertig, and persons desiring information concerning them should write to Alexander, Amberg & Co.