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 Contractor's Camp on P.S. E. Ry


Leaving Bertig and pursuing our way eastward along the route of the Paragould Southeastern, you will leave Arkansas and enter Missouri and a four miles run brings us to the progressive little city of Cardwell, Missouri.

This town was laid off in the spring of 1896 , when the first house was built and is owned largely by Bertig Bros. the enterprising Paragould merchants.

The town from the start grew rapidly and attracted population and wealth. It is surrounded by a fine agricultural country especially adapted to the growth of corn and cotton this season. while the timber supply contiguous to the town is almost inexhaustible. The town now has a population of 700 and is growing rapidly. It will handle 5,000 bales of cotton this season. There is a large steam cotton gin a number of splendid mercantile establishments one of which is Bertig & Co. who do an annual business of $75,000. The Decatur Egg Case Co. located there during the past summer and are giving employment operation in a few months. There are also numerous saw mills in the vicinity of the town and still the demand for houses exceeds the capacity of the builders and the lumber meantime, there is a regular Klondike rush upon the town. Persons interested should write to J. R. Pool, real estate dealer and agent for Bertig Bros.