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Buffalo Island Hunting and Fishing Club, Bertig , Ar.

PARAGOULD is the county seat of Greene County, located at the junction of the Southern, the St. Louis Southwestern and the Paragould Southeastern Railroads, population of 4,500; substantial mercantile establishments , two solid banks , manufacturing plants, commodious court house, jail, city hall, elegant churches, handsome residences, good schools and school buildings, of advanced grade and a happy contented and prosperous people with prospects to attain a population of 10,000 or more within the next five years.

It lies at the east base of Crowley's Ridge, and the surrounding country is well adapted to the growth of fruits, cereals and cotton. The country lying east of town is level and the soil very rich. West are table lands of Crowley's Ridge, slightly undulating and covered with heavy pine forests and bountifully supplied with good water.