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It is estimated that all the manufacturing plants that may be located at Cardwell cannot possibly consume the supply of cottonwood timber within reach during the next twenty years while the opening up of the fine lands in the surrounding country, will make it one of the richest agricultural sections in Southeast Missouri. But pursuing our way further eastward along the line of the Paragould Southeastern, six miles from Cardwell, we reach.

Klondike, Missouri

Not the one on the Yukon where the midnight sun glistens in the icy glaciers and the people live on seal fat, but the one where gentle spring time comes perennially, and the song of the mocking bird is sweetened with the fragrance of rarest flowers. Klondike is in the heart and the very center of the finest cotton growing region of Southeast Missouri . The new depot has just been completed town lots have been surveyed and placed on sale and its industry will soon rival its protype of the Arctic's. For information write William Hunter, Benton, Missouri.

The Seitz Lumber Company and the Winder Lumber Company are both putting in large saw mill plants and are ready to fill orders for all kinds of merchantable lumber. Land around the Missouri Klondike is cheap and nuggets of gold are produced in the finest cotton crops grown in the Southwest.