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Corn field on Mr. T. J. Douglas' Plantation, near Hornersville, Mo.

Hornersville, Missouri

Hornersville is the eastern terminus of the Paragould Southeastern Railway. Here is the oldest town in southeast Missouri having been located in 1834. It is located in the heart of a rich agricultural country , surrounded by fine farms well improved and on the banks of Little River which is navigable most of the year for small steamers. Hornersville has never been a town of much commercial importance for the reason that it never had a railroad; but the extension of the Paragould Southeastern connects it with the outer world and has given new life to the old town. After the extension of the Paragould Southeastern Railroad, hundreds of investors have visited Hornersville and very few have gone away without buying a town lot, a fine farm, or opening up some kind of business. Hornersville it is predicted will soon be the thriftiest and most populous town in Dunklin County, Missouri. There is not an acre of poor land within twenty miles of Hornersville and there is not an acre of improved farming lands within ten miles of Hornersville that does not produce from a bale to a bale and a half of cotton.

The country surrounding Hornersville on the west side of Little River is in a high state of cultivation and you not only find fine farming lands with great productive capacity but you find commodious farm houses with excellent barns outbuildings and fences everything indicating a high state of civilization and a soil that is a rich sandy loam which