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Bears captured two miles south of Hornersville 

produces immense crops of cotton and corn and surrounded by such a country with the extension of the Paragould Southeastern Railroad and with the abundant resources of the country lying east of Little River, Hornersville is destined to a rapid and substantial growth. Already there are fifteen or twenty houses under way, and new business enterprises of every character are being opened up in town. For special information as to Hornersville, write Judge J. W. Black at that place.


Hornersville like Bertig is a paradise for sportsmen. Little River is abundantly supplied with game fish and speckled perch. Trout almost jump into your boat when you run out in the river.

The country lying east of Little River is comparatively unsettled being a distance of only about twenty miles to the Mississippi River.

There are dense cane-breaks in this bottom country where turkey abound and bear may be found by hunters seeking large game. Quail shooting and duck shooting are so common to the local sportsmen as to excite little interest, but when it comes to bruin the local sportsmen finds some game worthy of his taste and talent, and if our sporting friends from the cities desire to have one really sensational experience they should go on bear hunt in the bottoms east of Hornersville and in that way they would find something worth engaging their attention. Wild turkey are so numerous that you can almost kill them with a stick, and does not have to walk his legs off to bring in a fine buck, provided he is a good shot, deer being plentiful and for duck and geese shooting, no sportsman who visits Northeast Arkansas or Southeast Missouri should stop short of Big Lake, which is fifteen miles south of Hornersville.