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Natives Moving , near Hornersville, Mo.

Big Lake is a body of water that was produced by the earthquake of 1811 at the same time the celebrated Reel Foot Lake of Tennessee was formed. To reach Big Lake you take the Paragould Southeastern at Paragould and run to Hornersville: at Hornersville you secure boats and guides and make a trip to Big Lake on Little River. There during same season millions and millions of ducks harbor and the sportsman who visits this celebrated resort may expect greater results for his time than on almost any other body of water in the United States.


The trains from Paragould for all stations along the line of the Paragould Southeastern leave early in the morning from Paragould to Hornersville, Mo. and all intermediate points reaching them in time for dinner.

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Pres't & Gen'l Mgr. ---G. F. and P.A.

Paragould, Ark.