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Up to seven or eight years ago, wheat - growing was in industry almost unknown to the farmers in this section, but the erection of the Paragould Roller Mills has stimulated that industry, and the market value of the wheat crop for 1897 for Greene County is from home-grown wheat is a superior grade and finds ready market in competition with the mills of Kansas City , St. Louis and other cities.

The three railroads, two trunk lines, affording direct connection with St. Louis , give the town superior shipping facilities, and the construction of the Paragould Southeastern has added an important improvement in railroad enterprises. The Paragould Southeastern is owned largely by home capitalists. Its construction and equipment are up to date in every particular and its passenger service is as good as can be found on other lines of this section.


The recent extension of this railroad from Cardwell, Mo. to Hornersville, Mo. has given a great impetus to the development of the county through which it passes this entire country being level and the finest timber and agricultural lands of Southeast Missouri and Northeast Arkansas.

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