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Bard, Arkansas

Leaving Paragould, the first station east is Bard, a lumbering town where the Meiser Lumber Company, who are shippers of unfinished lumber have an immense saw mill and own thousands of acres of good tillable land, which they offer to home seekers and investors at low prices.


The Holman Shingle Mill is also an important industry located there . The country surrounding Bard is comparatively unsettled, but the lands are level and will produce fine crops with rare failures and being only about six miles east of Paragould are within easy reach of the market.

Bertig, Arkansas


Is located about ten miles east of Paragould on the St. Francis River . The principal manufacturing concerns of Bertig are the Smeltzly Lumber Company, Penrod & Wood, saw mill and the American Hardwood Lumber Company .

There are large concerns giving employment to a great number of men and their annual shipments over the Paragould Southeastern amount to many million of feet.