The Pargould Arkansas Meteorite

February 17 , 1930

Written and Researched by : Tina Easley


The Paragould Meteor made history as it fell to earth from the heavens above . On February 17 , 1930 at 4:05 a.m. on a farm in Greene County , Arkansas. The meteor penetrated nine feet of hard clay .

The meteor attracted attention in Missouri , Illinois and Arkansas because of its bright light .It was thought in St. Louis to be an airplane going down in flames . The meteor stampeded livestock and awakened nearly everyone in Paragould. It was heard as far away as Poplar Bluff , Missouri and as far east as Covington , Tennessee.

The largest meteorite ever known to have fell to the earth at that time was presented to the Field Museum of Natural History of Chicago by its president , Stanley Field .

It fell at Paragould , Ark. on a farm owned by Joe H. Fletcher . The stone weighed 820 pounds .

These are clippings about the meteorite that made the papers all over the country .

Joe H. Fletcher 1930 Metorite 1930
Field Museum 1930 Metor 1947
Largest Meteorite 1930