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Harmon Foundation Gifts to Playgrounds        


June 2 - (AP) - cities and towns throughout the country affiliated with the Harmon foundation in the promotion of permanent playgrounds and beautification of play tracts; received awards from that organization today amounting to $4,900.     This was the fourth of the contests which carried on annually among the 117 play areas which the foundation has helped establish. It was rushed on such progress as could be, shown through newspaper and magazine stories and camera pictures.     Thirty-three awards ranging from $750 to $50 were granted to playgrounds in 16 states. Kerkimer, N.Y. received the first award of $750, Eureka Springs, Ark., was given the second prize of $500.     The playgrounds at Paragould, Ark., and Tyron, N.C. tied for the third award, and each received $400.     Other awards were: Bluffton, OH, $250; Bellevue, OH, $250, Fostoria, OH, $200, Lebanon, OH, $200; Fort Lauderdale, Fla., $150; Waparoneia, OH, $150; and Fremont, OH, $150.