Peach Orchard , Arkansas

Personnel Mentionings


Transcribed by : Tina Easley

From Old Newspapers


John Zellar In Close Quarters

November 27 , 1884

The Weekly Republican


A letter from Peach Orchard, Arkansas, detailing the experience of the Decatur

hunting party, tells how John Zellar killed the big buck , the other day , and

how near he came being drowned in the river. John shot the deer , wounding it

severely, but not mortally. He chased the buck and ran it into a river. Leaving

his gun on the bank , John jumped in on the back of the deer ,and catching it

by the antlers, he held on like grim death , the deer in its struggles

giving  the butcher several duckings in the water.

John reached for his knife, but it was not  in his belt, but he found a hatchet there,

and with that he whacked away at  the buck and killed him,the water all about

being colored with blood. John having killed his deer , brought him to the bank ,

and  was at once captain of the hunting party.


Tina Easley
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