Radio and Trivia Contest



Transcribed by : Tina Easley

From the Notebook of Leo Everrett Jackson

Mr. Jackson was one of Greene County's teachers who kept records of the county's schools and alot of other very important information that was happening in the county at the time . This is just a very good example of his well kept records .

Mr. Jackson was the father to Leola Jackson Atchison my cousin.

Donated by Sammy and Leola Atchison

Thank You!

Saturday Night at 7:30 : Pays $5.00 if your joke is chosen , $10.00 if they fail to answer :

Milton Berle , Chrysler Building , New York , N.Y.


Send three statements which can be answered yes or no and the answers on one sheet of paper . Accompany with one Milky Way Wrapper . three statements to each wrapper.

Station WOAI San Antonia , Texas c/o "Tall Tale Twisters " Send big "lies" about bears , dogs etc... will pay $ 5.00 if yours is used on broadcast.

On Fridays Pitcher and Batter Games Send catchy questions to Tricky Doodle , Philadelphia , Penn.

At 7:00 p.m. at 1 1/2 marks past 7:00 , $ 5.00 prize