Marmaduke Cackler

Transcribed by : Tina Easley

Volume 2, Number 38, on June 30, 1911


Ramer Neighborhood

Grass is trying its best now.

Mrs A. S. Beaver is still on the sick list. She has been under the weather for several weeks now.

Miss Sadie Frock of St. Louis is visiting friends and relatives in this vicinity and contemplates staying about a month.

The young folks of the neighborhood gathered in the home of A. P. H. Gerdes last Saturday night for a social. They did some fine singing.

James Hendley was a pleasant caller at Hy Gibbs Sunday.

James Hendley made a business trip to Marmaduke Saturday.

Young Frank Miller, who had a severe attack of rheumatism, we are glad to note has improved so that he is able to walk without crutches.

There is better prospects for good crops than several years at this time of the season generally speaking, in this vicinity.