Ramer's Chapel

Donated by Mark Gerdes

Thank You !





This is not a school photo, just a Ramer's Chapel Church photo.  These are identified to the best of our ability.

Kids In Front
1. Chester Brasher
2. Dale Jones
3. Dwayne Cole
4. Dwight Reed

Second Step
1. Johnny Wayne Arnold
2. Arl Reed
3. James Buell (Buell) Starnes
4. Charlie Gibbs

Middle Row
1. Earl Thompson
2. Norman Arnold
3. Thelbert Reed
4. Robert Lonzo (Bob) Ramer

Back Row
1. Bill Foster
2. LaVon Jones
3. Charles Enos (Enos) Gibbs
4. Buren Francis (Buren) Arnold
5. Dennis C. Eastep