Roll Of Honor

Transcribed by : Christina Easley (my daughter)

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Vol. 27 N0. 47 Soliphone Newspaper

December of 1901

The following person's have paid for their subscriptions 
of the Weekly Soliphone for the month of December 1901.


J. L. Berry, Bank of Paragould;  J. W. Kelley, C. H. Ross, S. K. S. Bazzel, S. M. Horn, J.D. Block, J. R. Snodgrass, Mrs. S.F. Taylor, Chas Wyse, P.M. McNeil, Mrs. L. H. Bolin, A. A. Knox, Thad W. Ward, E. L. Wall, P. L. Markin, Jim Boon, A. Walker, Ms. Sophia Taskey, A. A. Smith, J. H. Brinkley, Dr. W. H. Hicks, T. L. B. Thern, A. T. Hartsoe, A. C. Cooper, Mrs. C. E. Brake, O. B. Shoemaker, Sam McDaniel, Eli Meiser, S. H. Weatherly, P. J. Gerotls, Joe Ward, Dr. R. N. Donaldson, Wake Stuard, Lucy Stevens, Geo. W. Dodd, W.W. Pevehouse , J.F. Wood , W.H.  Maxwell, C.A. Virgin, T. J. Almond, J. A. Brashears, Louis Cothral, W. E. Buchanan, J.C. Hawthorne, J.C. Copland, B. Meadows, C. H. McGlumphy, J. E. Reddick, Ed Smith, E. L. Robertson, P. D. Cole, Lee Weatherford, W. H. Foster, T.F. Fuller, L.C. Rudisail, J. A. Meriweather, Paice Cox, John McCullough, G. W. Autry, J.L. Price , G. W. Cox, Mrs. Seitz, Fred E. Davis, J.D. Spence, J. E. Brady, I.W. Drake, Robert Yates, T. J. Duncan.

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