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Research and map by : Jim Glasgow

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I will add what I know from personal observation; from recollection of my Daddy's (Luther Columbus Glasgow - 1886/1971) first hand knowledge and recollections.  My recollections are not 100% accurate, but I believe do represent a fair general picture.   From your picture, Scatterville certainly looks much different now.  It had been long neglected.  When we visited circa 1965, it was overgrown with cedar trees and bushes.  Must have been dozens and dozens, if not hundreds.  Daddy said it had been the custom to plant a little cedar tree at the head of a grave, as stone was not readily available, even though a flattish, platter sized sandstone we found located about where he thought it might be, he thought probably marked the grave (1875) of his grandmother, Jane Jeans (Jency) Glasgow, wife of Elijah Glasgow.  I guesstimate there were at least dozens and dozens, if not hundreds of burials here.   (Note : There where lots of cedars : Tina )

I have printed a map of the area of Scatterville, north of Rector.  It happens that this area is where my Glasgow and Bain ancestors lived.  Elijah, my Great Grandfather, settled here from Weakley County Tennessee, with his wife Jane Jeans Glasgow, and family about 1853.  My father was born at the "home place" in 1886.  I was born 2 or 3 miles north of Mary's Chapel in 1929.The places on the map are pretty exact, except 1. Scatterville Cemetary, give or take a mile or two; 2.  Elijah Glasgow home place, give or take a half mile. 

Just north of Mary's Chapel about a mile or two, on the west side of the Old Military Trail, there is a hill on the SW corner of a west bound road.  Just south of the summit, there is a masonry structure about 2 or 3 feet square, with a pipe outlet on the South side.  This is on 40 acres that my Grandfather, Marion Columbus Glasgow owned around 1900 or so. This information is verbal from my father.  However, on a Greenway, Arkansas High School field trip 1943-44-45,  my classmates and I saw it.   This structure was built by my Grandfather.  He ran a water pipe down the old Military Trail, and on South to the "2nd Glasgow Homeplace".  They had running water there around 1900.  My Daddy said it only worked for a year or two, or so, and the played out. 

I checked on the web some Census figures of my family; Elijah Glasgow, Marion Glasgow, Wiley Parson Mangrum Glasgow.  They were in Greene County; then Clay County; Oak Bluff Township.  Oak Bluff was Rector and vicinity.  Chalk Bluff was around Piggott.  Haywood Township was around Greenway. When Scatterville was settled, the road was the "Old Military Trail", which is now the "Hill Road" from Piggot to near Rector.  If followed the eastern edge of Crowley's Ridge which was the best place to build a road then, between the winter swampy underwater "bottomland" to the East, and avoiding too much up and down over the hills. This road turned from a South/Southwesterly direction to West at what is now shown on some maps as "Pratt".  I have no idea what "Pratt" is.  But on the northwest corner of this junction was located "Mary's Chapel" School.  My father and most of older my brothers and sisters attended this school 1800's up to the 1920's.  It was an abandoned school from my earliest memories (1935?)  but it was a nice looking BRICK building.  Brick was rare in 1930 Clay County.