Sisters , True Story

by Wendy D. Rogers



One cool fall day in 1973 , two little girls stepped off of the school bus. They stood in front of an dilapidated house that should have been condemned years ago , but to them , this was home. The girls , Wendy , nine and her little sister , Penny , who would soon be turning eight , lived in the house with their older brothers and sisters.

Sitting in the driveway was a car that none of the children had never seen before that day. Out stepped a nicely dressed lady that introduced herself as Linda and informed them that she was a social worker and she was here to take the children to see their mother.

The children all climbed into the car and drove off to see their mother , unaware that this would be the last time they would ever be together as a family.

It had been a few days since the girls had seen their mother. It was the last day in November .

As the girls took a ride with their social worker , Wendy held on tight to her little sister , Penny. The girls came from a large family and now , they were the only two left to be placed in foster care. As the girls rode along in the car , they looked out the window at the houses along the road , wondering where they were headed.

The car pulled into the driveway of a very nice two-story a-frame home where a young woman was waiting for their arrival . Wendy and Penny , along with the social worker , walked up to the front porch and introduced themselves. Mrs. Bowden , seemed to be a very nice lady , and she said that she also had a little girl about Wendy's age whose name was Debbie .

Wendy couldn't wait to meet Debbie , but wondered if she would make fun of her or call her names like all the other kids did back home . No matter what , she knew now that since she was alone and away from everyone else , it was her responsibility to care for her little sister , Penny.

Beverly , as Mrs. Bowden had asken the sisters to call her , was preparing for a big bonfire . All the friends and neighbors were coming over to meet the sisters and celebrate Mr. Bowden's birthday .

After Beverly showed the girls where they would be sleeping and helped them put their things away , the school bus pulled up. Off the bus stepped a little girl about a year older than Wendy . She had long black hair and wore glasses , but seemed harmless. Wendy felt that she would like to have her as a friend , if Debbie would allow her to be.

The sisters enjoyed themselves as they met all the kids in the neighborhood . Not one of the kids made fun of them or called them names like the kids did in their old neighborhood.

As the night ended , the girls were tired and ready for a bath. Mrs. Bowden had given the girls the choice of calling her Mrs. Bowden or Beverly . Finally , feeling safe and happy the girls chose to call her Mom . They had never felt so wanted , loved and cared for before , and the security of a home made them so happy.

Monday morning came and the girls were nervous about starting a new school . As Wendy was introduced to the class , she wondered how Penny was doing in her class , and if any of these kids knew who they were . Would they call them names when they found out that they were Hickersons ? Would they make any friends or would anyone even talk to them ?

They found that their worries were unnecessary . The other children accepted them for who they were , not who they used to be .

There were a few little incidents at the school , but it wasn't from the kids or anyone calling them names . The teachers had gotten the girls mixed up because they thought they looked so much alike and had sent each girl to the wrong classes .

Of course the girls cried a lot when they went to bed , but after a few weeks , they settled down . They were no longer ' the Hickerson girls. ' they were now part of ' Bowden Family ' . They had become ' one of theirs ' . They were the Bowden sisters , and very happy ! Each of the girls looked different ! Debbie had black hair , Wendy blonde and Penny brunette !

Anytime anyone questioned , why they all looked different , their parents , Mr. and Mrs. Bowden , would say , " Because we ordered them all that way ! " Oh , by the way , I'm Wendy , and yes , I am one of the ' Bowden ' girls and very proud of it !