Marmaduke Cackler

Transcribed by : Tina Easley

Volume 2, Number 38, on June 30, 1911.


After a good deal of strenuous work by the committee for which the thanks of our citizens is due them , the sum ($800) necessary to secure a slack-barrel factory for Marmaduke has been subscribed, as is attended by the list printed below.

Marsh & Randol,  D. M. Vowell,  Jim Boone,  Bertig & supply Co.  Robt Cudd, Marmaduke Pharmacy, Dr. E. L. Kennedy , J. H. Stephen , R. B. Dunn, M. L. Pickens , Square Deal Store Co. , R. . C. Cavitt , M. L. Parrish , J. C. Stars , Wilder Carpenter, R.W. Merriwether, Tom Waters, L. D. Early, M. V. Reese, D.M. Vowell & Co., Lindsay Mfg Co., J. D. Block, W. A. Welton , J. F. Skelton, Wm Kendall, John M. Gale, Milton Hamilton , W. H. Robinson, A. H. Moore, Thos Rasberry, W. R. Beasley, A.A. Arnold, A. L. Harvey, M.L .Williford , B. F. Hatch , W. W. Rogers , J. T. Foster, P. E. House &Co. , Will Williford , B. C. Moore, T. H. Seagroves, T. L. Ross, J. H. Boone, J. C. Thomas, H. B. Snider, J. E. Hawkins, Marmaduke Store Co. , J. R. Burks, Bank of Marmaduke, Drs. Bradsher & Speer , J. H. Liggett, J. D. Miller, J. M. Jones, Stone & Wright , W. J. Lively , J. G. Cole , J. P. Thompson , R. M. Stone, O. C. Harvey,