Evening News

November 16 , 1910


Transcribed by : Tina Easley




Jesse Dunn was up from Stonewall today .

W. W. Sharpless  formerly of Stonewall , Arkansas  but now of Oceola, Mo., was in

the city today between trains. He is en route to Stonewall where he is thinking

of locating again.

L.M. Chandler wife and daughter were here yesterday en route from Stonewall to Oklahoma City.

Gale Statler was a Katey passenger for Stonewall this morning .

C.H. Rives was in Stonewall today on business.

J.C. Chapman went to  Stonewall this morning .

G.A. Truitt made a trip to Stonewall today.

Evening News

August 19 , 1910


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